Held Pens

Chris and Heather Held are proud to create unique and one of a kind oblique and dip pens for the calligraphic community. We are proud and honoured to place these pens in the hands of some of the world's finest calligraphic artists.  Our pens are expertly handturned by Chris Held and either dyed or hand painted by Heather Victoria Held. Each pen is one of a kind. They were originally created in response to numerous requests from Heather's students  but over the years, requests have come in from all over the world. Currently thre is a long waiting list for custom orders which we do accept as we find space in our work schedule. But we are always working on new dyed and flourished pens which we list on our Etsy shop as well as post on Instagram and Facebook. You can always contact heather@heathervictoriaheld.com to see if any pens are currently available.