The Passionate Pen

ABC, XYZ  English Roundhand

ABC, XYZ English Roundhand

The Passionate Pen workshop brings the student into the magical world of English Roundhand. Dating back to the 1700's we explore the evolution of the script as well as the confusing terminology that is  often associated with the hand.  We take an intense look at the universal line of beauty which is the key to achieving a delicate script. Throughout the workshop students will explore the traditional graceful forms of English Roundhand while finding the freedom of creating their own unique script. The hand was meant to be written rather than slowly drawn.  The style that we are exploring in this class is gentle, flowing and slender. We will be using exemplars gleaned from English and Spanish writing masters. The fundamental strokes of the historic European forms are taught. We will explore the structure and spacing of the lowercase letters and then work up to the elegant capital forms. Standard capitals are explored as well as the delicately flourished capitals. This workshop will free your hand as you find your own signature style. This class is an intermediate level and assumes a practical knowledge of the pointed pen.  Although flourishing is not the focus of this lettering class, this graceful script does lend itself to delicate flourished embellishments which can be incorporated when the forms are familiar. This class is a delight to explore! The workshop is best taught over two days.